Academic Program

Academic Program

1st Level of training
Certificate Expository Preaching (3 years)

Our basic training program consists of four weekends per year.

Hermeneutics: acquiring a knowledge of general and special hermeneutics
Exegesis: intro to exegesis; grammar (syntax, diagramming, word studies); moving from exegesis to exposition
Exposition (homiletics): review of past classes (weekends); students preach at each class before their peers; final preaching exams.

2st Level of training
Certificate of Pastoral Theology (3 years)

This is our intermediate training. It consists of two extended weekends (Wednesday through Saturday) per year.

Additional theological tools beyond basic training are provided for pastors and elders in ministry. These tools are: Bible Survey, systematic theology, and intro to counseling.

Bible survey: introduces the student to the Bible as a whole. The biblical narrative and story of redemption are examined by going book by book through Old and New Testaments. Sought after is the purpose and themes of each book; interpretive issues are also discussed in each book.
Systematic Theology: this discipline adds biblical doctrine to the training. Topics examined are Theology Proper, Christology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology.
Biblical Counseling: intro to counseling introduces the shepherd to shepherdology i.e. spiritual and pastoral care through the Scriptures. Emphasis here is on the sufficiency of Scripture.

3nd Level of training
Certificate of Bible Exposition (3 years)

This is our advanced training. It consists of two extended weekends (Thursday through Saturday) per year.

Studies at this level concentrate on helping the shepherd grow deeper in his understanding of the Word, biblical theology, and how to exposit (preach through books of the Bible) for the purpose of an expositional Bible / pulpit ministry.

Bible Exposition: Each class focuses on one select book of the Bible alternating between the Old and New Testaments.