Core Commitments

Core Commitments

To the Bible

Our persuasion first and foremost is that Scripture be the foundation for our training of men for pastoral ministry in Italy. Our firm conviction is that the inspired, inerrant, infallible, authoritative, clear, and all-sufficient Word of God be the sole source for preaching and shepherding in the local church, and witnessing through the local church.

To Study

The absolute truth of Scripture and the divine nature of Scripture compel us to a persistent study of the Word, accurately cutting it straight. Our persuasion is to be progressing in truth (in sound doctrine and theology that is biblical).

To Preaching

We are persuaded that preaching is the absolute priority for the man and church of God. Our firm belief is that the need of the day for Bible believing churches in Italy is a profound and passionate habitual exposition of the whole counsel of God and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.