Special Mendez Moment: progressing in training from the ground up!

Special Mendez Moment: progressing in training from the ground up!

Special Mendez Moment: progressing in training from the ground up!

The Lord continues to bless and build our first national leader in Italy. Trust you will be very edified by hearing more of Sebastian’s growth in the leadership of ITA along with his growing involvement in the ministry of TMAI, especially TMAI EU. He is our first Italian graduate to pursue further education in a trusted seminary in Europe i.e. EBTC’s MDiv program based in Berlin, Germany. We are profoundly grateful to the Lord for such first fruits.

Johnny Gravino

We are very grateful to start 2018 by telling you, through some events, how the Lord continues to bless us and express to you our gratitude for your love for us.

2017 was a very rich year, full of commitments and also full of many blessings that we have enjoyed as a family.

In August, thanks to the Lord’s generosity through the ministry of ITA, we moved into a new apartment very close to the church. It is very welcoming and it has enriched our family life much. We have been able to use it for the Lord in terms of hospitality; we have hosted ITA visiting professors and students. We have also enjoyed having church family over for meals.

In September, Mersia and I took our first ministry trip together. We visited a church in northern Italy. I was invited to teach on the subject of obedience. This was a great privilege for me. We also enjoyed a wonderful time of communion with the church and the beautiful scenery full of very tall mountains and fresh air!

In September I started seminary! I began at the EBTC (European Bible Training Center). I am very grateful to have started this journey. It allows me to know the Lord more and more by drawing me to Scripture in a more precise and profound way. The seminary allows me to attend classes online without having to move from Messina. I can therefore continue to serve at ITA; also both my wife and I can continue to live out our faith through our precious local church in Messina.

In November I traveled with Johnny to the TMAI Europe summit in Berlin. These meetings are always a time of growth and personal enrichment for me. I spend precious time with Johnny on trips like these and enjoy the fellowship of many godly men from the other European training centers. On this occasion, I was so encouraged to see how the Lord is blessing ITA; it is in step with its European partners more and more.

Another significant event for Mersia and me was in December. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We are grateful to the Lord for how he has sustained us thus far.

We pray you continue to remember us in your prayers just as we continue to pray for you. We thank the Lord for each one of you, for your love, for your faithful support, for your precious prayers.

By His grace and with love,

Sebastian and Mersia Mendez

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