What is Tmai?

The Master's International Academy

The Master’s Academy International (TMAI) provides spiritual oversight, as well as theological leadership and instruction, for a consortium of international Bible schools and seminaries. These schools are bound by a commitment to the Great Commission, the local church, partnership with US churches, and accountability for resources. Currently, there are 15 schools located in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and the South Pacific.

TMAI seeks to improve the quality of theological education so that local pastors can be better equipped to preach the Word with integrity. This goal is accomplished a number of ways:

✓ Recruitment—TMAI encourages the selection of mission appropriate students and spiritually mature faculty.

✓ Training—TMAI requires the use of Biblically sound curriculum and assists in the development of expositional teachers. They seek to train local pastors to be as effective as possible in ministering to their flocks and spreading the gospel.

✓ Resourcing—TMAI serves as a liaison between the US church and the international schools. They provide short term and vocational Bible teachers, financial support, prayer support, and educational resources.

We at the Italian Theological Academy are partnering with TMAI in equipping Italian church leadership to preach the Word with integrity. Additional financial, prayer, and personnel support will enable us to expand our resources and improve the quality of our education, ultimately making our ministry more effective. 

Our participation in this consortium of schools is assisting us in developing and enhancing our programs and curriculum. We are excited about the ways God is impacting the church in Italy through this ministry.

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According to the US Center for World Missions, there is one trained church leader for every 230 people in the USA, compared with one trained church leader for every 450,000 people in the rest of the world. The need for knowledgeable, Biblically solid leadership is overwhelming.